Sean David Harris | About
You could be choosing to spend your time online searching for funny memes or watching adorable YouTube videos of cats. But instead you have chosen to visit my site and for this I thank you!

I've always had an undying fascination with the creative arts. Some of my earliest memories are of me perusing family photo albums and listening to vinyl records. Fast forward to today and I still share the same genuine passion for the arts that I did when I was growing up; except today, I call it a career.

I specialize in on-location photography including wedding, portraiture, event, documentary and bands. I also produce wedding films, promos, commercials, documentaries, and music/arts videos. When I'm not shooting or editing, I enjoy traveling, movies, concerts, and outdoor expeditions with my trusty K9, Willow. She is a one year old lab rescue and she loves ice cubes and Greenies :)

At my core, I am simply a storyteller. I believe everyone has a story to tell and I love bringing these stories to life. Contact me today and lets discuss how we can tell your story!

-- Sean